The Mark of God | Snapshots and Soundbites P.6

Greg MajchrzakLast Sunday
The Mark of God | Snapshots and Soundbites P.6
Greg MajchrzakLast Sunday
When We Refuse to Live as Light | Snapshots and Soundbites P.4
Greg Majchrzak6/23/2024
Responsibility and Response | Snapshots & Soundbites P.3
Greg Majchrzak6/16/2024
Bitter Sweet | Snapshots & Soundbites P.2
Greg Majchrzak6/9/2024
The Introduction | Soundbites and Snapshots P.1
Greg Majchrzak6/2/2024
Are You in Christ? | 2 Cor P.20
Greg Majchrzak5/26/2024
Warning Signs and Guardrails | 2 Cor P.18
Greg Majchrzak5/12/2024
The Gospel You Preach | 2 Cor P.1
Greg Majchrzak12/31/2023
Handling Miscommunication | 2 Cor P.2
Greg Majchrzak1/7/2024
The Strategy of Satan | 2 Cor P.3
Greg Majchrzak1/14/2024
Elements of a Victory Parade | 2 Cor P.4
Steve Rhoades1/21/2024
Finding Confidence and Approval | 2 Cor P.5
Steve Rhoades1/28/2024
When the Veil Comes Off | 2 Cor. P. 6
Greg Majchrzak2/4/2024
The Battle for Truth | 2 Cor P.7
Greg Majchrzak2/11/2024
Clay Pots and God's Power | 2 Cor P.8
Greg Majchrzak2/18/2024
The End or The Beginning | 2 Cor P.9
Greg Majchrzak2/25/2024
We Are . . . | 2 Cor P. 10
Steve Rhoades3/3/2024
The Call to Work and Endure | 2 Cor P.11
Greg Majchrzak3/10/2024
The Last Days | God With Us P.3
Greg Majchrzak12/24/2023
The Grace of God | God With Us P.2
Greg Majchrzak12/10/2023
The Incarnation | God With Us. P.1
Greg Majchrzak12/3/2023
The Heart of God for the Suffering | The Heart of God P.2
Greg Majchrzak11/26/2023
The Heart of God | P.1
Greg Majchrzak11/19/2023
Hell P.1 | Final Destinations P.1
Greg Majchrzak10/8/2023
Hell P.2 | Final Destinations P.2
Greg Majchrzak10/15/2023
Heaven P.1 | Final Destinations P.3
Greg Majchrzak10/22/2023
Heaven P.2 | Final Destinations P.4
Steve Rhoades11/5/2023
Heaven P.3 | Final Destinations P.5
Greg Majchrzak11/12/2023
It's Time for the Kingdom | Mark P.3
Greg Majchrzak12/4/2022
The Initiation of the Gospel | Mark P.2
Greg Majchrzak11/27/2022
The Introduction | Mark p.1
Greg Majchrzak11/20/2022
Remember Your Purpose | Mark P.4
Greg Majchrzak12/11/2022
The Power and Impact of Forgiveness | Mark P.5
Greg Majchrzak12/18/2022
People that Jesus Befriended | Mark P.6
Greg Majchrzak12/18/2022
Jesus's Impact on Everyday Life | Mark P.7
Greg Majchrzak1/8/2023
Jesus' Impact on the Sabbath | Mark P.8
Greg Majchrzak1/15/2023
The Cost of Following Jesus | Mark P.9
Greg Majchrzak1/22/2023
Jesus Addresses the Box Makers | Mark p.10
Joshua Sadler1/29/2023
Jesus on the Two Types of Listeners | Mark P.11
Greg Majchrzak2/5/2023
Priorities We Need to Grasp as Followers of Jesus | Mark P.12
Greg Majchrzak2/12/2023