Kids Town

Upbeat, challenging + exciting!

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Our goal is to allow our children to do what God has created them come to Jesus!  By design, kids have a piqued curiosity about the purpose of life and a desire to know God.  Through creative, fun and challenging lessons we allow kids to explore their faith and come to understand God's plan for their life!



Parents are able to check their little ones, birth to 2 years old, into the nursery during the 10:00am service.  Moms and dads can know that they are being taught the reality of God from the very beginning.  They are prayed for and told stories of God's love for them.

This ministry is for children from 3 years through kindergarten.  As they enter their classroom they will know that they have entered a land of amazing, true stories from the Bible that will captivate them as they explore the truths of God's Word.

The child care is supervised by Mary Tolon.  She and her screened volunteer staff of wonderful individuals care for infants through kindergarten age.

Kids Town is a full Sunday Morning service done "Kid-Style" for grades 1st through 6th.  Pastor Renee Majchrzak and her team make this safe and inviting atmosphere tons of fun and an incredible place for all kids to build their life foundation on Jesus.

  • We worship together to create an atmosphere of true praise to let the kids enter into the presence of God.

  • We play together having fun and building relationships.

  • We pray together knowing that God hears our children's prayers.

  • We learn together what God wants us to know by studying his word and memorizing scripture.




Kids Town opens at 9:30am and runs during service at 10:00am.  Please arrive a few minutes early to check your child in, and return promptly after service to pick your child up.

If it's your first time here, head to the Welcome Center before service and our team of caring volunteers will gather some basic information about your family: names, age of your child, etc. You and your child will be given stickers with matching security codes. Place your child’s sticker on his or her back and keep your sticker somewhere safe; you'll need it when picking your child up after service. For safety's sake, all participants in children's ministry must be registered.

We place the utmost value on the care our Kids Town staff provides as they minister to our children.

Pastor Renee Majchrzak